Contacts Factbook v1.1

I published an update for my application Contacts Factbook. This is not a major update but it brings some significant changes. From this version I also started with ads, and this is more a test I’d like see how it will perform, than other reason (btw I wouldn’t refuse cents or dollars 😀 , if it brings any) .

These are new features:

  • Sharing total number of contacts
  • Sharing number of pinned contacts
  • Percentage of phone number types
  • Pinned contacts

Dots or stat’s separators are now in accent color and this make my application more platform consistent.

Here are listed all application features (but not limited to):
– Number of contacts in your phone.
– Number of pinned contacts to start screen.
– Top most used first name starting letters.
– Top most used first names.
– Top most used last name starting letters.
– Top most used last names.
– Number of contacts with middle name.
– Number of contacts with nickname.
– Percentage of contacts with title.
– Percentage of contacts with picture.
– Top three companies that people in your contacts works for.
– Percentage of contacts with phone numbers.
– Percentage of contacts with email.
– Percentage of contacts with website.
– Percentage of contacts with notes.
– Percentage of people with companies.
– Percentage of people with children.
– Top three office locations of people in your contacts.
– Percentage of people addresses.
– Top job titles of people in your contacts.
– Percentage of phone number types.
– Pinned contacts.
– Sharing total number of contacts.
– Sharing number of pinned contacts.

Here are some screenshots of application.

If you are Windows Phone 7 device owner, please download the application and give me feedback (that I really appreciate).

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