Living in fast-times

We all know (and feel) we’re living in time that’s going fast, and even faster every single day. And as part of this planet I was indeed in need to forcibly find ways to do things faster (like be up2date with technology), especially reading (books) and watching (educational videos). I need reading books because of programming, and according to my opinion if you don’t read you’re out, but if you don’t read at least 5-7 books per year I doubt in your ego to be good in this occupation, sorry, passion, and 10-12 would be ideally to keep you in good position. And as we see, today, education is mostly spread through lectures, videos or courses online. Fortunately we have tons of programs or companies with huge stack of video content that put you in position to master something in days maybe in hours (think for iTunes University, Coursera, Khan Academy or many many others).

Fast time
Fast time

In this short post I am going to write for two techniques I am trying to master to do things faster.

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My blog in 2011, some numbers and facts

2011 was first the year I decided to start blogging (and blogged :)). Generally it went good. In this post (first in 2012) I’d like to share some stats and thoughts on this. When I decided to make my opinions and work public I thought it would be good to write in English because of target of this blog and massive acceptability, but today I was surprised when I saw that all posts (almost) are in Albanian (my mother tongue), and I think this happened because of local events, expressions or reactions I thought targets a specific audience (that understand albanian). I made no surprise in platform I chose, WordPress, simple and real choice. I started blogging in July and stats are impressive to me. Continue reading My blog in 2011, some numbers and facts

Ngjarjet (konferencat) e TI-së dhe ne

I nxitur nga përpjekjet e një kolegu dhe të miat për organizimin e një takimi të një grupi të përdoruesve të një teknologjie (user group meeting), nga konferenca e fundit, nga reagimet dhe shkrimet pas kësaj konference si dhe nga biseda me shumë miq rreth kësaj çështje kam menduar goxha shumë këtyre ditëve për këtë “problematikë” apo për këtë “dukuri”.

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