My blog in 2011, some numbers and facts

2011 was first the year I decided to start blogging (and blogged :)). Generally it went good. In this post (first in 2012) I’d like to share some stats and thoughts on this. When I decided to make my opinions and work public I thought it would be good to write in English because of target of this blog and massive acceptability, but today I was surprised when I saw that all posts (almost) are in Albanian (my mother tongue), and I think this happened because of local events, expressions or reactions I thought targets a specific audience (that understand albanian). I made no surprise in platform I chose, WordPress, simple and real choice. I started blogging in July and stats are impressive to me. Continue reading My blog in 2011, some numbers and facts

ALSSUG – Ngjarja inauguruese

Sot (më datë 17 dhjetor 2011) në Prishtinë u mbajt ngjarja inauguruese e SQL PASS ku pata kënaqësinë të flas për përmirësimet në T-SQL në SQL Server 2012 – Denali RC0. Continue reading ALSSUG – Ngjarja inauguruese